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Looking for a Google Ads agency that can tackle the challenges of online acquisition? From Smart Bidding and Pmax to Generive Ads, Server Side Tracking, GA4, and Datafeed Optimization, the landscape has never been more complex. Join forces with an international team of experts who excel at generating leads, boosting orders, and maximizing profits for your business. Let’s conquer Google Ads together!

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Managing a Google ads account on a daily basis

Transparency and performance

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See all your important Google ads metrics at a glance.
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Weekly reporting

We send you weekly performance reports to monitor the progress of your Google Ads campaigns
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Scheduled call

We will set aside time to keep you informed and get feedback from you on what to prioritise and plan.
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Quarterly reviews

We take stock of our current actions, our successes and failures, and plan the next actions.

Why our Google ads agency?

To avoid costly mistakes, it’s a good idea to work with a Google Ads agency that knows the ins and outs of Google Ads, but not only that…

You also need to find a digital agency that understands how a business works and your competitive environment.

As a Google Ads Premier Partner Agency, our talents have more than 7 years of experience on average in managing Google Ads campaigns with incredible success in almost every industry, and our team has all relevant certifications in Google Ads, but also Google analytics, Google Tag manager, etc.

The seniority of our team is also an additional guarantee that you will be dealing with someone who has important business knowledge to help you make decisions that will benefit you.

What do our Google Ads management services include?

We offer the following Google Ads services, which will help you get more clicks, increase traffic to your website and convert users into paying customers:

  • Expert planning and execution of the strategy
  • In-depth analysis of competitors in your sector
  • Creation and optimisation of advertisements
  • Return on investment measurements and optimisation advice
  • In-depth discovery of keywords
  • Monitoring and continuous control of the campaign
  • Regular reports on the progress of the campaign
  • Advanced campaignadvice
  • CRM integration and reporting
  • Discover new opportunities in your market
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Results from our active clients

Generate more revenue with our Google Ads agency

The process

How to start with our Google ads services?

4 small steps to start your campaigns.

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1. Audit and Evaluation

Our experts evaluate your business, your potential and your growth opportunities on Google ads.
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2. Strategic proposal

Presentation of the Google ads audit (if existing account) and our strategic recommendation for your PPC campaigns.
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3. Commercial proposal

Shop around and select the Google ads, tracking, etc. services you need.
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4. Launching the project

Our experts take care of the management of the campaigns and their optimization. The first 3-month period allows us to deploy the plan, which is challenged each quarter during the QBR.

Our approach to Google ads

Google adwords 61e58ae24c1a36be483b6f07 target 1Whether you’re a small business, an SME, an ecommerce business, a venture-backed SaaS startup on the FrenchTech NEXT 40 list, or a growing international company, Google Ads can offer you many benefits, but it’s easy to waste money on an increasingly complex and opaque network.

That’s why you need to work with a Google ads agency that knows what it’s doing, and that’s exactly what Donutz does, as a Google Ads Partner Premier.

We’ll work directly with your business to set realistic Google Ads goals based on your needs and budget. We do this by identifying the audiences your business needs to target, and helping you expand your reach into new and lucrative markets.

We will use some or all of these advertising strategies and techniques:

  • smart bidding solutions for maximum efficiency
  • Display ads, which are an excellent channel for increasing conversions with low CPCs
  • Retargeting and dynamic retargeting.
  • Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) to make long-tail and off-brand keyword research more productive.
  • Optimising the content of your pages to maximise the performance of DSA campaigns.
  • A/B testing of headlines to improve your RSAs, images and CTAs, making it easier to convert your traffic into leads or sales.
  • Target CPA or Target ROAS bids, smart bidding strategies from Google Ads that allow you to get as many conversions or sales as possible while respecting a target not to exceed.
  • Offline conversion tracking to link your advertising efforts to your CRM and track the quality of your Google leads

Our Google ads team combines the latest advertising strategies, constant optimisation and an obsession with performance to ensure you get the most results for your budget.

What do our Google ads reports look like?

At Donutz, we provide you with customized, relevant and comprehensive reports that detail the progress of each of your key performance indicators.

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Is your current agency ready for the challenges of 2022 ... and 2023

Increased competition

Google Ads is a highly competitive advertising solution (with not always fair competition) and constantly changing, it can be easy to waste money on clicks that won’t convert to sales.

Automation and increasing complexity of your campaigns

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Especially since Google ads has been evolving very quickly in recent years(smart biddingsmart campaigns, performance max, RSA Ads, etc.) and it is clear that Google wants its advertisers to use as many of its automated solutions as possible. This requires some strategic but also technical adaptations.

The problem is that Google’s automation solutions are generic to work with as many companies as possible. So don’t expect to get maximum performance by simply following the Google ads guidelines. You will quickly realise that your activity will mainly serve the interests of Google. It is not ill will on their part, but they have trained their Artificial Intelligence to satisfy you, but also (and this is logical) to satisfy their shareholders.

Unless you are not interested in profit, there are very few reasons not to be accompanied by a google ads agency that will work on optimising your profits and interests

Conversion tracking and RGPD

Since the implementation of the RGPD and Apple’s update with IOS14, many companies are content to track only 30% of the actual activity of their campaigns. That’s not much!

And the problem is that you are sending incomplete information to Google ads and slowing down the learning curve of your campaigns, or even degrading the performance of campaigns that were working properly.

In our opinion, this is an additional risk you can do without and only a PPC agency with data and development skills can help you implement solutions that allow you to measure effectively.

We are the Google ads FullStack agency you have been waiting for.

This shift also brings a profound change in the way we work around the Google Ads platform. If in the past you could compensate for a lack of performance on your site by increasing your budgets or your bids, this is clearly becoming impossible today as all advertisers are increasing their skills and quality. 

Google ads in 2022 means :

  • optimise the UX/UI of its website
  • create content that sells
  • optimise your conversion rates
  • have skills in software or script development
  • know how to create high quality banners.

Our team ofmulti-technical marketingexperts excel in creating Google Ads campaigns that maximise your ROI while maintaining a good ROAS by optimising your campaigns from first impression to final conversion.

After all, you don’t just want a campaign manager, you want a google ads agency that can optimise all stages of your sales tunnel.


Frequently asked questions

Google Ads is a PPC (pay per click) solution, which is a very popular type of online advertising and is still the most effective solution.

Technically, Google ads allows you to place a sponsored link (ad) at the top of a Google search on the keyword of your choice, or to display a banner (Display) anywhere on the internet. When a user searches for you and clicks on your ad and visits your site, your company is charged a cost per click (CPC). The price per click is an auction with your competitors.

The purpose of advertising on Google ads is to get users to click on your ad and then perform another desired action, such as making a purchase, signing up for a blog or contacting your business.
Read more in our article on Google ads and how to choose a good agency

It is impossible to answer this question, every company is different and has different objectives. You can have a ROAS of 2 and be totally profitable. You can have a ROAS of 12 and lose money.

Many Google ads agencies use the same formula to get satisfactory results for their clients. This copy and paste method of PPC advertising hinders business growth and could cost your business countless dollars in untapped revenue.

At Donutz, we ensure that each client receives a tailored Google Ads strategy with their specific goals and desired results in mind.

We provide quarterly strategies based on our research, testing and results to ensure that you are always reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Many ATS agencies consider their work done once they generate a form submission, but at Donutz we track profits and work with your CRM and sales team to ensure we generate quality, valuable leads. Our team members are able to connect your Google ads account to your CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and other tools) to ensure that we are able to optimise the most valuable leads in real time.

We also have development skills that allow us to create custom tools via scripts or the Google ads API for your needs and further automate your Google ads campaigns, save time and put more effort into analysing your business, share insights and provide you with the best advice on how to reach your goal and beyond.

And finally, the most important point: WE NEVER GIVE UP.

The only possible outcome for Donutz is the success of your campaigns and we do everything in our power to develop your sales. 

Yes, our experts are all certified and we have Google Partner certification at agency level. Ex Partner Premier, but we explain why here.

We believe in the value and quality of our work, but we cannot guarantee specific results on Google ads. There are many external factors that can influence the performance of your campaigns. However, if you have existing data, we can help you predict the possible impact with good reliability. We always do this forecast work before we make a proposal.

Indeed, we have no interest in supporting Google ads projects where we are not convinced of bringing a positive ROI.

Finally, you should also know that Google has appointed us as a Premier Partner because we have demonstrated that our methods work.

PROAS is the optimization of campaigns for profit. It stands for Profit Return On Ads Spend. Profit on advertising expenditure.

Each Google ads project we take on is tailor-made for each client. Our agency fees generally start from £750/month for lead generation projects, and £1500/month for e-commerce projects. However, our offers are always calculated so that our results pay for our running costs.

We are always profitable. Please contact us to get a better idea of how much Google ads will cost you and the results you can expect.

We also offer a performance model for eligible businesses where we pay ourselves on the additional profit we generate for you.