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Google Ads

Project Timeline

2019 - 2020


Increased in ROI revenue


Project overview

Arthur is a beautiful French nugget specialising in underwear and premium innerwear since 1983.

The brand is even older than me (MJ) 🙂

They are also known for their sassiness and chic!

No, you missed! A kilt can hide Arthur's pants.

They have great shops, and an online store.

An Arthur's shop somewhere in France

When we took over the management of the account at the beginning of 2020, our client wanted to boost its sales considerably with Google Ads. For some time, the site’s performance had reached a glass ceiling and a new strategy was needed.


Following the analysis of the client’s data, we convinced them: 1) to increase their budget for 2020 following a positive initial test carried out over the Christmas period in 2019, 2) and to develop a new strategic approach.

We therefore set up pure acquisition campaigns with:

  • a reorganisation of the campaigns according to their position in the funnel
  • A better regulated budget allocation for each stage of the funnel
  • the addition of new optimised shoppingcampaigns
  • the addition of dynamic DSA campaigns

The aim was to clearly map the funnel and bring in as many new visitors as possible looking for their products throughout the year and to trigger purchases at peak times, especially the Christmas period in 2020.

A real team effort and the implementation of this strategy would not have been possible without the full support of Baptiste, the e-commerce manager.

  • A simple but effective structure. Note that this is a performance made on a cold source with zero pixel info (which was non-existent until now)

The results

And then, Samba!

As usual, we bring out our victory song (Bellini). Tala Lala lalala lala

We advise you to listen to it while you read the perfs. It’s so energizing!

👉+ 96% of income (YoY)

👉 + 115% over the Christmas period (YoY)

We are well up the funnel with campaigns that actively participate in the acquisition of new customers.

ex of perf on the whole funnel

We also did a small field survey, and were delighted to hear from a physical shop in the network that they were seeing more traffic and younger visitors (a new target) –> so this gave us some new ideas for 2021 to explore local visibility strategies around the brand’s shops.

Isn’t it beautiful?

So, yes, COVID has been involved and has inevitably helped the business of online retailers. But the strategy we have put in place has allowed Arthur to fully seize all the opportunities of 2020 and to stay on top in a difficult period for all.