Harvoola: How to go from 5 to 6 figures a year

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Google Ads

Project Timeline


Increase in revenue


Project overview

In August 2022, we were contacted by Harvoola, the cutest brand in the universe 🥰 🐩

Harvoola specializes in creating fashionable clothing for Italian Greyhounds, also known as wippets or Iggys.and yes, our dog friends can get a little chilly in the winter and Harvoola is here to give them a little warmth and love.

The problem for Donutz was that Harvoola had little budget for acquisition and a small team. Not much room for an agency… I hesitated, but the founder had a great website and really nice products. We literally fell in love with the project and its founder who runs her small business to perfection. We also have to say that we are a little fan of animals at Donutz and with investments in companies like Borrow My Doggy for example.


We couldn’t not help Harvoola, so we came up with a special “small business” and performance-oriented offer.

An indirect investment to accompany her, taking the bet that we could transform her business in 1 month. I would like to stress here that I deeply respect her risk-taking on the media budget, she trusted us and it paid off. Much more courageous than many companies we meet on a daily basis.

The results

  • Harvoola now sells all over Europe
  • The income is X5
  • Highly positive ROI from the first
  • Business grows from 5 to 6 figures of revenue per year in projection

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

And that’s just the first month and that’s just with Google ads.