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Project Timeline

2020 - 2021


Project overview

Decathlon is a well-known brand in France, but not so well known in the land of the Leprechauns. Decathlon Ireland was looking for a partner to support them in the development of their online activity, but also to ensure the development of the brand’s reputation in Ireland and particularly in Dublin with the opening of the brand’s first shop in the country. With COVID weighing on the shop’s performance for several months, the e-commerce site had another mission during the year: to cover the shop’s loss of earnings following the lockdowns.


  • We started by structuring the account under one MCC and several sub-accounts to separate search, shopping, display and YouTube campaigns.
  • We created over 150 campaigns and segmented the campaigns with and without the brand terms to better control top-of-funnel acquisition (TOFU) and to feed the site with new visitors who were not yet familiar with the brand.
  • We have made extensive use of retargeting functions to optimise conversion rates on shopping cart abandonment, but also to work on brand awareness.
  • We have made full use of bidding and smart buying campaigns to simplify campaign management and spend our time on analysis and strategic thinking.

We also explored the integration of new technology, including a solution that allows you to create product presentation videos on the fly using an HTML5 video editor.

The results

  • 👉 +280% additional revenue on the site
  • 👉 +211% revenue on Google YoY
  • 👉 ROAS = 🤯
  • 👉 Strong in-store sales and visitor flow
  • 👉 A recognised brand in Dublin and Ireland, and regularly quoted alongside IKEA in the news such as the Irish Times.