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Project Timeline

2020 - 2021


Project overview

Roudoudou, PEZ, POG, Tamagotchi, Game Boy, Malabar – does it bring back good memories?

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The good old tamagotchi that we used to carry around with us.

Well, Nostalgift is the ecommerce that offers you to go back to your childhood to find your heroes and your candies of yesteryear.

We accompanied Nostalgift in its early days when the two directors were still running their business from their garage (this is not a myth).

Since then, the company has grown and hired a dozen people. A great success and we are proud to have contributed to their development on Google Ads.


How to get started on Google Ads when you have a small budget?

Our first job on this project was to reassure the founders of the company and help them launch their online acquisition campaigns correctly.

For this launch, the founders did not have much of a budget and wanted to start with 500€ / month. In our opinion, this was too little to launch the machine properly and especially to prepare it for the biggest period of the year for them, Christmas.

We managed to convince them to double their media budget and invest a minimum of €1000 per month.

Construction of campaigns

We then set about implementing the Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tag and creating the search and purchase campaigns.

The beginning was difficult because the results did not come immediately: calibration, experience, but also lag and timing.

A launch is always a tricky situation for an agency to manage because we are on the front line and take responsibility for the results of the campaign (even if not everything is under our control) and when the performance does not follow, the pressure quickly falls on the traffic manager.

At that point, we were able to reassure them by showing them the level of engagement of the campaigns and the quality of their traffic, including search terms (at the time, we had access to 100% of user queries).

  • A simple but effective structure. Note that this is a performance made on a cold source with zero pixel info (which was non-existent until now)

The results

Very quickly, performance improved and the company recorded its best Christmas ever in terms of turnover.

Our collaboration continued the following year and we achieved a new record and their first turnover of 15K the following winter.

Nostalgift: Go from 0 to 1 on Google ads. 61bfafee194ffaea1bb31b81 Nostalgift
Evolution of performance

Like any project, there is a beginning and an end. The mission ended because Nostagift felt the need to internalise its acquisition.

It has been a great experience and we are happy to know that today, at the time of writing, they are generating over 3000 orders per week.