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Online acquisition has never been more challenging. Surround yourself with a team of international experts who know how to generate more leads, more orders, and more profits for your business.

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Our digital marketing services have unlocked success for over 200 companies.

Client case studies

Our recent PPC & SEO client success

Harvoola: How to go from 5 to 6 figures a year From 500K to 3.5M visitors per month.

Loavies: Fashioning Success in the French Market

Arthur: Moving from a branding logic to a conquest logic.

Feeli – how to generate +221% of revenue growth in one year

Marilou Bio: Boosting your social networks with Influence strategies

Cracking a new market may be challenging, but not with the Right PPC & SEO Squad in your Corner!

Our team is your secret weapon! We’ve got experts from all over the world, who have worked at big companies like Google and LinkedIn, as well as top e-commerce brands. Our team includes people from Ireland, Spain, Italy, and Lithuania. Thanks to our hybrid agency model, we know how to help you succeed in Europe and beyond. Let’s take this journey together.

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We asked our PPC and SEO customers what they thought of us.

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"The SEA team is very professional and responsive".

This is a real asset for us, as we can call on their different experts according to our needs at any given moment. The team is very professional and reactive with a really pleasant relationship and they show a lot of flexibility to adapt perfectly to the needs of their customers.
PPC Agency Dublin Barbara
Head of Marketing Performance
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"Working with Donutz has been an absolute pleasure and I would recommend their PPC services."

The team at Donutz is very professional and hands-on with their approach. Decathlon Ireland took a full digital approach to our opening strategy and the success of this strategy was definitely boosted by Donutz expert knowledge in digital marketing.
PPC Agency Dublin Sean
Head of Ecommerce
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"This success is partly due to you, so thank you very much for your work and your investment".

Of course, the year 2020 was very dense, especially with the 2 episodes of COVID. Despite this, we were able to stay the course and finalize a very nice performance on the Arthur site. This success is partly due to you, so thank you very much for your work and your investment!
PPC Agency Dublin Baptiste
eCommerce Manager

What makes us one of the greatest eCommerce PPC and SEO Agency in Dublin?

full-service digital marketing Agency

A single agency for your SEA, SEO, SMA, CRO, data and tracking needs. We have all the skills to help you succeed on an international scale.

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Donutz on a rocket

The most concentrated digital marketing expertise in a single agency.

We’re convinced that the conventional agency model falls short – it’s overly slow, rigid, and lacks innovation. That’s why we’ve revolutionized the approach, merging our expansive network of seasoned digital marketing experts with a top-tier in-house team. With Donutz Digital, our clients not only enjoy exceptional flexibility and efficiency but also leverage our expertise to drive real business outcomes. We’re not just an agency; we’re your strategic partner in growth, dedicated to helping your e-commerce business thrive in competitive markets.

Performance oriented Digital agency

We understand the importance of a high return on advertising spend, especially in competitive international markets. Our ROAS-focused approach will help you maximize your advertising expenditures.

PPC Agency Dublin Full Stack

PPC Automation Specialist

We use the most advanced technologies to optimize your advertising campaigns, reduce unnecessary costs, and maximize your ROI. Our automated tools enhance efficiency and accuracy, freeing up your time to focus on what truly matters: growing your business

Google Premier Partner, Meta Ads Partner, Amazon and Microsoft Partner

Rest assured, you’re in safe hands. We’re proud partners with major adtech players in France and across Europe.

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