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Project Timeline

2020 - 2021

Increased in ROI revenue

22 %

Project overview

Marilou Bio is a brand of natural organic cosmetics made in France.

This brand contacted us because they wanted to implement a scalable solution to increase the volume of leads through social networks. Ideally, the solution would increase the volume of opt-ins, reviews and sales.


  • Use of Facebook ads to increase their visibility to a qualified audience, and using the Facebook pixel and Marilou Bio data.
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  • Double strategy: Setting up Ads with a budget of 1000€ over a week in order to find ambassadors. The positioning of this campaign in the off-peak period of October-November was also intended to highlight MarilouBio’s products before Christmas in order to slip gently into the gift list!
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  • A simple but effective structure. Note that this is a performance made on a cold source with zero pixel info (which was non-existent until now)

The results


And yes, we also like magic! Admire these results, enough to make Eric Antoine’s hair curl…

With our double strategy, MarilouBio has not only increased its number of testers but also its sales! Two birds with one stone, as they say!

Marilou Bio: Boosting your social networks with Influence strategies ssss

👉+ 162% revenue (WoW)

👉+ 20% on the average basket

👉+ 1600% registration of new testers

👉+ 500% potential ROAS

  • The 1,000 euros invested generates almost 1,000 euros of additional income over the period.
  • By extending the end of the period until 8 November, we can see that the campaign has an impact on sales even after the end of the campaign. We then reach the €1,200 generated. 
  • The campaign is partly self-financing
  • At the same time, we generate an impressive number of testers and opt-ins.
  • The campaign still had many opportunities for optimisation. 
  • If only 10% of the 512 registered people become customers and each of them has a LTV of 200 euros, the campaign will generate 10,200 euros of revenue over time. This means a ROAS > 5 in the long term.

Admit it, it’s a dream come true! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to take your turn!