Top 20 Affordable SEO Tools

Top 20 Affordable SEO Tools to Boost Your Search Rankings on a Budget

SEO, better known as search engine optimization, is a crucial element in today’s world of media and digital marketing. While is vital for any online business to run successfully with regard to marketing, the steps for understanding and improving SEO can be tricky and hard to learn, especially for beginners. Thankfully, there are dozens of software and programs available to add to any content strategy for better rankings and higher website optimization.

SEO Tools Features

The features table provides an overview of the capabilities of each of the 20 affordable SEO tools, including whether they offer backlink analysis, keyword research, site audits, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and other SEO-related functionalities. This table is useful for comparing the features of different tools and choosing the best one for a particular use case.

Tool NameKeyword
Moz Pro✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
SEO PowerSuite✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Google Analytics✔️
Google Search Console✔️✔️✔️
Google Keyword Planner✔️
Yoast SEO✔️✔️
Screaming Frog✔️
Raven Tools✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️
Longtail Pro✔️✔️
Keywords Everywhere✔️
Low Fruits✔️✔️
SEO Tools Pricing and Features

SEO Tools Pricing

The table includes the monthly or annual subscription fees for each tool and the different pricing tiers available for some of the tools. The table is helpful for comparing and choosing affordable SEO tools based on pricing, while the other tables provide information on the features and benefits of each tool.

Keywords Everywhere$10 per 100,000 credits
Ubersuggest$12 per month
SEObilityFree – $200 per month
SEMrush$119.95 – $449.95 per month
Moz Pro$79 per month
Ahrefs$99 per month
Serpstat$55 – $499 per month
Longtail Pro$25 – $98 per month
Mangools$29.90 – $79.90 per month
SpyFu$33 – $299 per month
Raven Tools$39 – $4788 per month
Majestic$49.99 – $399.99 per month
AccuRanker$109 – $499 per month
CognitiveSEO$129 – $499 per month
SE Ranking$31 – $319 per month
Sitechecker$6 per month
GTmetrixFree – $14.95 per month
WooRank$59.99 – $249.99 per month
Advanced Web Ranking$49 – $499 per month
Rank Ranger$69 – $399 per month
SEO tools pricing

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free SEO tool that provides users with a detailed traffic analysis of their website. It can report many statistics, such as impression clicks, organic clicks, and average position ranking in the Google search engine. The website includes a breakdown of data 404 errors and previously blocked or eliminated pages, improving personal site troubleshooting and search engine optimization.

Why Google Analytics?

Google Analytics provides users with a simple and organic breakdown of your website’s performance using Google’s analytical strategy.

Google Analytics features

  • Traffic analysis for website performance.

Google Analytics pricing

  • Standard Plan $179/month
  • Lite Plan $99/month
  • Free Plan

Google Trends

Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that provides the latest trending words, topics, and phrases produced and searched within Google. Information is extracted by analyzing search inquiries in Google over a period of time, and can then be used for increasing the website search ranking and for better optimization. In addition to trending topics, Google Trends includes statistical methods for keyword usage and geographic distribution of trending topics.

Why Google Trends?

Google Trends is a free SEO tool allowing users to analyze the popularity and searches of specific keywords and phrases.

Google Trends features

  • Finds Google’s most ranked trending topics.

Google Trends pricing

  • Free

Google Search Console

Google Search Console allows users to view a complete view of their website with an affordable SEO tool. It provides a detailed report of search results and rankings, the number of clicks it receives, and which countries and devices from which your website receives the most traffic. Additionally, Google Search Console features a URL inspection to see if the domain is within the Google index, as well as index information, sitemaps, and detections, improving the overall performance of the site.

Google Search Console is typically used for organic performance monitoring and audience targeting tests metadata by watching security and analyzing data and search engine optimization.

Why Google Search Console?

Google Search Console provides reliable and accurate data, has a simple user interface, and uses Fetch as Google scans your website.

Google Search Console Features

  • Control center to keep track of XML sitemaps.
  • Communication route for transmitting website maintenance issues.
  • Data source to extract data in Google Analytics.

Google Search Console Pricing

  • Free

SEO Power Suite

SEO powersuite

SEO Power Suite is a software consisting of 4 different apps right under one SEO toolbox. Each application is similar when it comes to style and usage, making the interface simple and user-friendly. It combines the usages of keyword research, site audits, spyglass software, and link assistance for building successful digital marketing campaigns.

SEO Power Suite operates on Windows, Apple, and Linux, and has an additional Cloud component for syncing projects directly to your cloud and/or Dropbox. The free version is a forever-functioning SEO analyzer, making it great for beginners or those experimenting with different products.

Why SEO Power Suite?

SEO Power Suite combines 4 main applications in one resulting in the ultimate affordable SEO tool there is. Many users solely rely on SEO Powersuite for all of their SEO and digital marketing needs. Additionally, SEO Suite provides product support, a Facebook group, license renewals for Pro and Enterprise, and uses LSI for automatically better Google ranking.

SEO Power Suite Features

  • Rank Tracker for keyword research and competitor reporting. 
  • Website Auditor for performing technical website audits.
  • SEO Spyglass for backlink profile of any website. 
  • Link Assistant for link-building campaigns.

SEO Power Suite Pricing

  • Free Version 
  • Pro Version $25/month or $299/year
  • Enterprise Version $42/month or $499/year 
  • Individual Application (Rank Tracker & Website Auditor) $125-$349/year

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog & SEO Spider are affordable SEO tools that stand out for their sophisticated data that is very simple and straightforward. It will identify broken links, duplicate content, missing tags, and missing links. In addition to the Screaming Frog features, SEO Spider is its main draw for SEO users. It provides quick website audits without letting any issue or negative aspect go unnoticed, providing suggestions and feedback for better future optimization.

Screaming Frog is mainly used for crawling Javascript webpages, completing Xpath data extraction, and detecting duplicate content on sites.

Why Screaming Frog?

Screaming Frog is a fantastic crawling tool with API access to the most commonly used SASS, has a high-quality customer service center, and the free version has everything needed to equip beginners.


  • SEO Spider
  • Duplicate content and URLs.
  • Redirect audit for redirect chain detecting.
  • Examines metadata and page titles.
  • XML Sitemaps with advanced URL settings.


  • Free Version
  • Paid Version $200/year

Authority Labs

Authority Labs

Authority Labs is an ideal cheap SEO tool that automates SEO monitoring and tracks local and mobile rankings with keyword data and search engine ranking. I can recover keywords that weren’t given in a previous scan or that are less frequented and uncommon resulting in high search optimization for individual keyword usage. The program does checks on a regular basis giving daily up-to-date information for comprehensive data analysis.

It’s often used to track positions on numerous websites, competing domains, in-depth analysis reports, and mobile rankings compared to desktop rankings.

Why Authority Labs?

Authority Labs keeps track of competing domains and sites, monitors product rankings across an array of different platforms, and provides a comparison of mobile and desktop rankings for further design and interface structuring.

Authority Labs features

  • Keyword targeting to target useful keywords.
  • Daily reporting with a detailed analysis.
  • Free 30-day free trial for all new users.

Authority Labs pricing

  • Plus $49/month
  • Pro $99/month
  • Pro Plus $225/month
  • Enterprise $450/month



Ubersuggest is a powerful and integrated SEO tool used to enhance and improve digital marketing at an affordable cost. Creator Neil Patel began his SEO training on YouTube and then migrated over to develop Ubersuggest providing all of his favorite and most effective SEO tools. Not only does Ubersuggest feature SEO keyword research and content planning, but also SEO Powersuite and a highly generating keyword analysis. Ubersuggest is perfect for monetizing brands through SEO and eliminating manual time and errors by proving timely cost-effective reports, audits, and suggestions.

Why Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest provides users with a long range of useful tools to boost their SEO marketing and development strategies by providing an array of add on, helpful courses, coaching calls, email support, worksheets and templates, and additional digital marketing consulting.

Ubersuggest Features

  • Keyword Discovery for finding profitable keywords.
  • Site Audit for technical SEO issues and faults.
  • Daily Rank Tracking for changes in rankings.
  • Competitor analysis to understand competitor SEO strategies.
  • Backlink data for new opportunities.
  • SEO project organization for specific or multiple projects. 
  • SEO browser extension for quick and easy usage.
  • SEO training and support.

Ubersuggest Pricing

  • Individual $29/month
  • Business $49/month
  • Enterprise $99/month

Check My Links

Check My Links

Check My Links might be the simplest and cheapest SEO tool there is for digital marketers, freelancers, bloggers, or website owners. This software is a Chrome extension that can be added allowing users to check for broken links leading to or from their website and within the website itself. It will identify links that aren’t working properly for better website optimization and easier identification of broken links. Additionally, the program will report statistics on followed and non-followed weblinks, and add suggestions or information to fix, maintain, or upgrade.

Why Check My Links?

Check My Links is a superb affordable SEO tool for digital marketing purposes to better optimize a website’s usage and features, and rank it high in search engine results.

Check My Links Features

  • Finds broken links on web pages.

Check My Links Pricing

  • Free



GTmetrix is one of the simplest, yet most effective affordable SEO tools used for digital marketing. Its sole function is testing the loading speeds of sites and webpages and the website uptime itself. It’s best used with those who are looking to optimize their site and drive traffic for further usage.

The software uses tools that evaluate the loading time of a website such as page size, Javascript files, load time, and HTTP requests. The software can be used on its own, or across multiple different locations and browsers to generate a split testing report proving a statistical analysis of the site itself, and how it functions across other platforms and devices.

Why GTmetrix?

GTmetrix is typically used for testing website loading speeds and tracking improvement over time by site owners for better future performance.

GTmetrix features

GTmetrix scores
  • Loading speeds and website uptime analysis and breakdown.
  • Mobile testing for testing pages from multiple locations.

GTmetrix pricing

  • Free (additional paid features available)



Serpstat is the ultimate hacking tool for growth and content marketing. It’s extremelyuser-friendly, making it accessible for large agencies or firms, personal users, or for small or start-up businesses. It uses a backlink analysis to complete a site audit, comparing your website to other leading competitors. Additionally, not only does it identify your top competitors, it provides you with their own marketing strategies and budgets, as well as suggestions. It’s currently one of the most popular affordable SEO tools with more than 350,000 experts and users active.

Serpstat is used for examining the usefulness of websites by searching for keywords and gathering data, tracking global search results regularly, and identifying competitors as well as their marketing budget and strategy.

Why Serpstat?

Serpstat has excellent keyword capabilities with a user-friendly interface and a well-organized program for newbies and advanced users. It contains an array of tools for simple and in-depth research depending on needs and preferences.

Serpstat features

  • Backlink analysis provides data from the current to 2 years prior.
  • Site audit for cleaning up the website.
  • Cluster research for keywords and marketing suggestions.

Serpstat pricing

  • Lite $55-$69/month
  • Standard $119-$149/month
  • Advanced $239-$299/month
  • Enterprise $399-$499/month

Raven Tools

Raven Tools

Raven Tools is an SEO, social media, and strong reporting all-in-one system and is one of the most widely used cheap SEO tools on the market. It provides a cloud-based all-in-one that is suited for beginners, freelancers, small business owners, agencies, and even enterprises. Its strongest asset is its marketing reporting program paired with its SEO software suite. Besides its main 5 features, Raven Tools has access to additional Google Data Studio reporting connectors as an add-on bonus, making it one of the most accessible and unique affordable SEO tools. Additionally, its social media integration is not a common feature amongst learning competitors, allowing SEO and SEM reports and integrating social media campaigns.

Why Raven Tools?

Raven Tools include excellent reporting capabilities and social media tools and is especially inviting for those looking to build their SEO marketing, rankings, and digital marketing strategies.

Raven Tools features

  • Marketing reports for multiple clients or agencies.
  • Competitor domain research to analyze competitive domains. 
  • Site auditor to perform SEO audits. 
  • SERP rank tracker, which tracks organic search rankings. 
  • Keyword rank checker identifying top keywords. 
  • Keywords research with suggestions and statistics. 
  • Backlink checker and link spy for profile development. 
  • Social Media integration.

Raven tools pricing

  • Small Biz $39/month or $468/year
  • Start $79/month or $948/year
  • Grow $139/month or $1688/year
  • Thrive $249/month or $2988/year
  • Lead $399/month or $4788/year

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is one of the best affordable SEO tools for generating keyword research. It’s best used when formatting SEO keyword research and planning content, being sure only the most helpful and top-ranked keywords are used in a helpful fashion. Its browser extension makes it simple and user-friendly and provides a unique API. It will browse different target sites such as google, bing, youtube, amazon, Etsy, and other popular search engine sites where keywords are often used. The data provides monthly volume search, cost per click, and google ads competition sites. Additionally, Keywords Everywhere provides a keyword’s historical trend, competitor keyword trend, and traffic research trend with easily accessible files.

Why Keywords Everywhere?

Keywords Everywhere is mainly used for keyword generation and its sole purpose is keyword research. Focusing only on keywords can provide a more accurate, researched, and organic list of keyword ideas compared to all-in-one competitor programs.

Keywords Everywhere features

  • Browser extension
  • Keyword data for multiple websites.
  • File exporting and keyword importing.

Keywords Everywhere pricing

Based on Keyword data credits. 1 credit = 1 keyword.

  • $10 per 100,000 credits 
  • $50 per 500,000 credits
  • $100 per 1,000,000 credits
  • $500 per 5,000,000 credits

Low Fruits

Low Fruits

Low Fruits is a cheap and cost-effective tool for analyzing and clustering keywords by providing automated SERP analysis regularly. It can analyze a list of previously man-made keywords, as well as generate its own list of trending and top-ranking keywords to use on your site. Its clustering feature will provide an assortment of keywords clustered into groups to be used together or that share similar interests.

In addition to generating keywords, Low Fruits provides longtail keyword searches as well by performing wildcard searches. Wildcard searches find specific combinations of keywords and phrases that won’t be found in other competitors’ SEO systems, proving you with higher search rankings.

Why Low Fruits?

Low Fruits saves users a lot of manual search time by analyzing SERPs automatically to provide a rank for keywords faster and more efficiently.

Low Fruits features

  • Keyword research for keyword analysis 
  • SERP competitor analysis 
  • Clustering for similar search intent for keywords.

Low Fruits pricing

Based on Keyword date credit.

  • $25 for a bundle of credits or $20/month



Aherfs is one of the most attractive cheap SEO tools on the market thanks to its user-friendly interface and array of helpful tools. Its newest feature provides site structure with suggestions provides on how to improve layout and design for better ranking. It’s the quickest web crawler available next to Google and targets monthly traffic, top keywords, and relevant data for future use. Not only does Aherfs allow users to examine traffic and ranking of their own site, but those of their competitors as well.

Aherfs is typically used for running monthly website audits, doing regular keyword research with low keyword difficulty, and finding new domain prospects for future outreach.

Why Aherfs?

Aherfs is an ideal affordable SEO tool. It’s extremelyuser-friendly, provides keyword research, and has impeccable client service as well as a helpful Facebook group for all active users.

Ahrefs features

  • Backlink analysis for your website and competitors.
  • Ranking history for terms and keywords. 
  • Content explorer that comprises more than 1 billion web pages.
  • Outgoing link reports.

Ahrefs pricing

  • $99/month


site checker

Sitecheker is a great digital marketing tool for tracking everyday keywords used over time. The free SEO analyzer features identify mistakes, and warnings, and provide alternative suggestions for rank improved. Sitechecker allows the user to operate as an SEO expert by identifying how the website ranks over time. It can provide backlinks for newly generated traffic to your site, as well as eliminate or vanish links to your site as well. Additionally, the health checker will give an overall website assessment with ratings in SEO, traffic, backlinks, and keywords.

Sitechekcer is often used for the analysis of competitors, analysis of site audits and checks, tracking new and lost backlinks, and monitoring new keyword positions in search ranking compared to previous ones.

Why Sitechecker?

Sitechecker performs in-depth research to identify and correct SEO issues, track backlinks in real-time for new and eliminated links, and informs you of how your website performs throughout different devices for improvement in interface usage.

Sitechecker features

  • Website traffic checks with unrestricted access to competitors’ traffic lists. 
  • On-page SEO audits 
  • Daily backlink tracking identifies new or deleted links back to your site.

Sitechecker Pricing

  • $6/month

Longtail Pro

Longtail Pro

Longtail Pro delivers relevance to your website by providing users with less competitive and long tail keywords. It’s perfect for those looking to rank higher on Google by editing and adding additional keywords that aren’t as common, are longer in length, or are less competitive than other similar words or phrases. Longtail makes it simple to identify these keywords, no matter the subject, and increase site traffic by using keyword research and statistical analysis alone.

Longtail Pro is typically used for keyword generation for less frequented results and for finding keywords that have a lower competition ranking.

Why Longtail Pro?

Longtail Pro is user-friendly with a quick learning curve, making it an excellent cheap SEO tool for beginners. It effectively identifies less competitive keywords that are less common, but just as effective and profitable.

Longtail Pro features

  • Load & export methods for importing keywords.
  • Separate projects for managing more than 1 campaign at a time.

Longtail Pro pricing

  • Starter $25/month
  • Pro $45/month 
  • Agency $98/month


Top 20 Affordable SEO Tools to Boost Your Search Rankings on a Budget seobility

SEObility is an all-in-one SEO software and tool program designed to be as simple to use as possible. It’s perfect for newbies in digital marketing as it’s one of the most user-friendly cheap SEO tools on the market. SEObility allows users to perform site audits while using competitor comparisons to improve SEO rankings and monitor keywords for improvements.

SEObility is best used when crawling and auditing websites daily while checking the Google rank tracker. It provides secure browsing by checking for blacklists and checking metadata with on-page content. CSV and PDF reports are available with in-depth ranking, statistics, comparisons, and suggestions.

Why SEObility?

SEObility is easy and simple to use regarding user experience and the interface uses systematic analysis using a TF-IDF method and has a reasonable price compared to other leading competitors.


  • Local search results 
  • Target group rankings 
  • On-page crawling
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Comparison of competitors with method improved suggestions


  • Basic (Free) 
  • Premier $50/month
  • Agency $200/month


SEOquake is a powerful SEO toolbox for your browser. Its main use is for comparing website competitors by supplying an analysis report including traffic sources with their percentages. Its link analysis tool will provide you with all the necessary information needed to boost your website by comparing your statistics with leading competitors, while its special spyware allows you to spy on other SEO stats while improving your own as well.

SEOquake is best used when internal and external relationships need to be examined and when conducting an any-page SEO audit. The program uses real-time domain comparisons and provides data as a CSV file.

Why SEOquake?

SEOquake examines competitors’ websites, supplies SEO analysis, and recommendations, analyzes sources of traffic, and is applied to find backlinks for any website.


  • SERP overlay to see the entire SERP analysis
  • SEO Bar for rapid info
  • Keyword Analysis


  • Free

Moz Pro

Moz Pro can do just about anything when it comes to SEO. It’s one of the most affordable SEO tools providing the most bang for your buck. Not only does it provide industry-standard statistics, but also an array of optimization recommendations and is the leading predictor of higher ranking outcomes and trending keywords. It produces some of the highest DA rankings, resulting in users of Moz having rigger ranking results. Moz Pro provides site audits, backlink analysis, and keyword research with a browser plugin to access and see scores in your browser directly.

Moz Pro is mainly used for its domain authority tracking system, on-page SEO and keywords search analysis, and profile link analysis.

Why Moz Pro?

Moz Pro uses domain authority for predictions of website rankings, evaluates metrics with statistical analysis, and provides a brief review of other leading competing websites.


  • Keyword analysis with SERP analysis.
  • Rank tracking monitoring organic ranking and generating keywords. 
  • Site audits to identify faults. 
  • Backlink analysis and domain authority.


  • 30-day free trial 
  • $79/month


Mangools is a must-try SEO reporting tool and is widely used by freelancers, bloggers, and marketers. It’s very affordable and is adaptable for small businesses to big developed agencies. It uses a keyword generator tool for finding relative and top-ranking keywords, as well as yearly trends and yearly search volumes compared to keyword difficulty. Its SERP overview can allow a glance at up to 10 leading competitors’ rankings, acts as a website analyzer by performing site audits, and positions keywords into google visibility.

Why Mangools?

Mangools uses the top 5 best tools for forming an effective SEO campaign, uses mobile and desktop ranking for multiple reports and alerts, and designs and SEO metrics campaign based on insights and data than is generated through the software.

Mangools features

  • Keyword finder for keyword suggestions.
  • SERP watcher for rank traffic. 
  • SERP checker for google rankings.
  • Link miner for backlink analysis. 
  • Site profiler for website audits.

Mangools pricing

  • 10-day free trial 
  • Basic $29.90/month 
  • Premium $39.90/month 
  • Agency $79.90/month


Top 20 Affordable SEO Tools to Boost Your Search Rankings on a Budget Rank Logic

Rank Logic tracker

Rank Logic is a smart, automated SEO tool that can help you track, monitor, and improve your website’s performance in search engine results. Its unique capabilities include tracking keyword position and ranking changes, as well as author and content performance. All this information is conveniently available right within your WordPress dashboard, giving you access to dynamic and comprehensive data.

Rank Logic features:

  • Keyword tracking for position and ranking changes.
  • Author and content performance analytics.
  • Automatic tracking of content update events.
  • Page-level tracking of keywords and SERP movement.
  • Integration with Google Search Console for data accuracy.

Rank Logic pricing:

  • 1 Site: $47 per year
  • 3 Sites: $87 per year
  • 10 Sites: $137 per year

A truly unique feature of Rank Logic is its ability to automatically track all the events that occur when you update your content. Whether you change a title, add a paragraph, or insert internal links, all these on-page “events” are tracked and noted on your rankings graph. This way, you can directly correlate your content updates to changes in your rankings.

Rank Logic offers a variety of plans tailored to your needs, from single-site coverage to packages that track up to 10 sites. The comprehensive features it provides, such as keyword tracking, author analytics, and event tracking, are included in all packages. Thus, whether you’re managing a personal blog or a suite of websites, Rank Logic promises to be an invaluable tool for optimizing your SEO efforts.

Aistis has been doing SEO before it was even popular, with over 10 years of experience. Now he is here at Donutz to share his SEO knowledge and help clients & readers increase organic traffic.

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