Social Ads Manager

To you who are reading this mini BIO, hello! I am an SMA Expert at Donutz since April 2022, specialised and certified in Meta. I studied chemistry, worked in the kitchen and since 2021 in digital marketing. My skills and my diverse background will bring to your campaigns a structured, challenging, and efficient vision. If you are looking to develop your sales, and your brand or to collect leads, I will know how to find the most adapted recipe to obtain the best result.

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Worked with: Arthur, Audilo, Decathlon, Ecolobatt & More

I’m a chemist that turned to a chef that turned to social ADS. Intriguing isn’t it? 

I have always had a passion for research, analysis and reflection. 

This attraction can be found in my professional background but also in my hobbies (board games, brainteasers, puzzles, various management simulations), so the step towards the world of digital marketing seemed obvious to me. 

My background brings me analytical skills, a strong adaptability, scientific rigour and a search for excellence, which are precious qualities in advertising. 

Let’s find the best combination of objectives, targeting, content, budget capacity, structure and strategy to create your own recipe for performance.

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