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Focus on running your business and we’ll take care of generating sales for you on TikTok

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Free consultation

Talk directly to a TikTok expert.

Growing opportunity

Why work with Donutz?

Donutz is the up and coming agency that takes its clients to new heights by supporting them in their online acquisition and especially on TikTok.

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Our approach

Transparency and Performance

We give you a complete view of your performance and opportunities on Tiktok. Our teams provide you with real business insights to grow your business fast.

TikTok services

The complete package


We help you set up strategies that work on TikTok

Creative design

We put together a team of graphic artists, video designers and influencers to create impactful videos.

Campaign management

We manage your campaigns with best practices for advertisers.

Report and customer relationship

We provide clear reports and meet with you 2-4 times a month to monitor the performance of your campaigns.

Landing page, UX/UI

We help you optimize the performance of your site to maximize conversions.

Business insights

We share business insights with your teams to improve your overall online acquisition.

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