Project Timeline


Project overview is a service mandated by the Ministry of Labour, managed by the Caisse des Dépôts. A globally defined objective for this platform: To allow the development of skills of people wishing to evolve professionally!  

In order to achieve this objective, the site allows to accompany the needs on different levels: the consultation of the rights, the offer of accompaniment, the possibility of finding a training, the possibility of benefiting from financial aid, following a training and obtaining a certification. 

In 2020, the site will change its domain name: becomes Donutz is accompanying this migration.

State of the art

A site with 17494 positioned keywords and a traffic cap of 571k potential traffic. The interesting terms in traffic potential are positioned very far down the search results. “CPF” is not positioned. “My CPF account” is positioned in 11th position, i.e. second page of the search results. No or very little visibility on possible training, aid and jobs in tension.

A high number of keywords around “my training account” (previous name of the platform) but with low positioning in the search results. From 500K to 3.5M visitors per month. From 500K to 3.5M visitors per month. 62cd6203d492953f1d733e40 D Y e0kyWsAzlJy9xJ fzWVXbME4znkLIxI6VV


This mission has several objectives:

  • Ensure the transition between the two areas
  • Have a technically SEO-friendly base on the new platform
  • Develop the visibility of my training account
  • Develop the visibility of specific training terms (CPF, CLéA) and all related issues.
  • Develop visibility on the different schemes (workers, job seekers, pensioners…)
  • Develop the visibility of the different training courses
  • Develop the visibility of shortage occupations



Our actions throughout the accompaniment have been :

  • An SEO specification containing all the technical recommendations for the new site (Crawlability, loading time, markup…)
  • A transition plan between the two domain names.
  • Receipt of shares
  • Recommendations and writing of content necessary for the visibility of the site
  • Trades in short supply (nursing assistants, nurses, home care workers, etc.)
  • Suggestions for training (setting up a business, car licence, HGV licence, skills assessment, etc.)
  • Content around specific training and CPF terms
  • Different schemes are possible to access the training

The team

A team of project managers, SEO consultants, and writers was put together for the launch:

  • A project manager, coordinating between all the actors and the client
  • An SEO consultant on site, to answer questions and issues directly.
  • 2 dedicated editors, on site, in order to exchange directly with the Caisse des Dépôts teams.
  • Double strategy: Setting up Ads with a budget of 1000€ over a week in order to find ambassadors. The positioning of this campaign in the off-peak period of October-November was also intended to highlight MarilouBio’s products before Christmas in order to slip gently into the gift list!
  • A simple but effective structure. Note that this is a performance made on a cold source with zero pixel info (which was non-existent until now)

The results

  • 👉 30.4K terms positioned 6 months after launch including 1853 in top 3 with a potential search volume of 944.3K monthly
  • 👉 A top position on the term “CPF” having a search volume of 246K/month in the first 2 months.
  • 👉 An increase in visibility and potential traffic that has been perpetuated on the basis of the recommendations given during this support (52K terms positioned, including 6.6k in the top 3, with a potential traffic of 3.6 million monthly visits)
  • 👉 Regain positions on strategic terms to CPF and terms directly related to their activity. From 500K to 3.5M visitors per month. 62cd6252e65f0b4ef3ad838e k3hwrAw2GnWH4Z9t hXpqjiSAHT1R4scdpsFd9FVHY0Eaur Di16lHGeKltI